Repair Services

paintless dent repair

Paintless Dent/Hail Repair

Campbell Collision regularly uses paint-less dent repair for clients with hail or generally small damages. We utilize a specialized technique that allows us to repair damaged outer panels of a vehicle, whether its metal or aluminum, when the damage hasn’t cracked the paint. We offer free estimates for any damage, so please stop by if you think we can assist you with paint-less dent repairs.

Glass & Windshield repair

When it comes to auto glass repair, the choice is clear. Campbell can quickly replace entire windshields and other panels as well as fill in chips to prevent them from spreading. Simply stop in for free estimate or call 501-316-5291 to schedule an appointment.
glass repair

Auto Body Repair

At Campbell Collision, our goal is to provide the best quality auto body repair services in the Little Rock, AR area. Our technicians provide dealer certified auto body repairs and service all vehicle make and models. Simply stop in for free estimate or call 501-316-5291 to schedule an appointment.

Diagnostic Scanning

Performing a post scan with the asTechTM device ensures systems on the vehicle are properly working after repairs are completed. Failure to perform a post scan increases the risk that the vehicle may be returned with malfunctioning or inoperable safety systems. A post diagnostic scan with the asTechTM device is essential to ensure the vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition. This can prevent possible claims of improper repairs and other related damages if complete repairs were not done.
diagnostic scanning
Campbell Collision vehicle scanning


At Campbell Collision, your safety is our #1 concern. We utilize a state-of-the-art, comprehensive solution for all of the vehicle’s diagnostic needs. The combination of on-site tools and a dedicated 3rd party support team provides our technicians with real-time data that speeds up the repair process, getting you back on the road and back to the rhythm of your life.

limited lifetime Warranty

Campbell Collision Center gives every customer a limited lifetime warranty. The materials and paint we use on your vehicle are all original equipment manufacturers approved. We warranty our labor and materials for the given time you own the vehicle we repair for you. This warranty is not transferable to new ownership of said vehicle. All parts have a limited warranty. Please ask your collision consultant about your parts warranty. All parts are warrantied through the manufacturer of the vehicle or by third party vendors. Here at Campbell Collision Center we guarantee the fit and finish of your repaired vehicle.

Campbell Collision Shop
Campbell Collison Center

Our Ultimate Goal

To provide safe and professional collision repairs to all of our customers by having trained certified technicians with the ever-changing technology in today’s vehicles.



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