• First and foremost, we pray for the safety of our customers, their passengers and the other parties involved. We extend our thoughts and prayers to anyone who has to endure a car accident. Please be safe!
  • Be certain to contact your insurance carrier and report the accident.
  • Drop by or call us at (501) 316-5291 to get immediate attention to your situation.

YOUR ESTIMATE for repair

  • We prepare a customized estimate for each client.
  • Should you desire, we can arrange a rental car.
  • We contact your insurance company to review your claim. We work with all insurance companies and provide a Lifetime Guarantee on every repair we do.
  • We set-up a personalized contact for you here at Campbell who can provide information and updates via phone, email, or text.
  • At Campbell Collision Center, our priority is getting our customer back on the road safely.


  • Each vehicle is carefully disassembled and carefully inspected to ensure all repairs are identified.
  • Each customer, and their insurance company, are contacted to sign off on the repairs and all damaged identified.
  • An estimated completion date is sent to the customer via phone, email, or text once estimate and parts are ordered.


  • Trained technicians begin work on the various repairs to the body and mechanical damages.
  • After these repairs are completed, a quality inspection is engaged to ensure that all damaged is complete and correct.
  • An update is sent to customer via phone, email, or text when repairs have been complete and moving to paint preparation.


  • After all repairs are inspected and approved, the vehicle is ready for paint process.
  • Our team applies years of skilled experience and computer technology to find the exact color match.
  • Primer and sand to smooth body preparation, paint and clear coat are now applied.
  • A quality inspection is now engaged for reassembly after paint.


  • Each car that comes through our shop receives a “light detailing.”
  • One final service advisor quality assurance check.
  • We keep to our on-time delivery promise!
  • Each car owner receives a lifetime warranty at Campbell Collision Center.
  • Your vehicle will be delivered to you back to pre-accident condition.
  • Our goal is to make this process hassle free——we take care of everything!

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